Analogue Projects 2017-2019

Music: 'Cecilia's Fruit' by Praveen. © Neo Ouija

Select projects from 2017-2019 including:

Future Proofing (2018 – Ongoing)

The terms and conditions of Facebook and Instagram are displayed as scrolling loops on a series of CRT monitors. Here, old technology critiques the new. The Instagram ts&cs are overlaid with questions around whether the user is attaining their goals or the quality of their mental health. The Facebook terms are overlaid with quotes from their campaigns, which use amicably familiar language to create a sense of empowerment in the user.

Collaborator: Tomas Jefanovas

Leave (2018):

Three screen installation piece submitted to the Whitechapel London Open. The piece reflects on how social media echo chambers and the dark ads of the Leave campaign contributed to the 2016 referendum result. In the centre screen, distorted typography from the Vote Leave logo comments on the scarcity of truth in the campaign.

DoP: Dougal Wallace
Actors: Stephane Magloire, Chris Hamilton

Are you the Product? (2019)

Extracts from the pitch video for a forthcoming installation at Shangri-La, Glastonbury. It runs super-saturated typographic loops and a night-vision enabled Hi8 camcorder which is fed through an analog video synthesiser. If users are tempted to take selfies during the process, the content of the surrounding screens will highlight the irony of how we often wilfully give up our data to faceless internet behemoths.

Collaborator: Dave Stitch

Magnetic Memories (2017):

In 2016 Behrens offered to digitise publicly submitted camcorder footage for free — in exchange for the rights to use the images to create new artworks. Through a combination of screen prints and short films, Behrens sought to explore the gulf between the original authors' recollections of their content with the realities of their footage.

Footage in extract submitted by: Danielle Otnes